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CasaOS - Point and click self hosting

Community-based open source software focused on delivering simple home cloud experience around Docker ecosystem.

If you are like me you are often rebuilding a server to try new things out. A few days ago I set out to find something easier to manage my media server without having to spend a bunch of time in the command line. I came across CasaOS and installed it over Ubuntu. Let's take a look!

The above image is the App Store, which allows one click installation of apps. This installs apps through docker and there is a settings editor built in, which allows editing of the container settings.

The app will monitor your system so you can easily keep an eye on usage.

Installation script:

curl -fsSL | bash
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Visit the official website. View the live demo. (user & pass: casaos)

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alex profile image

Hmmm, interesting - Does the appstore have many apps out of the box or does it rely heavily on third party?

perronedotdev profile image

There's not a whole lot, but it also gives the option to add custom apps. I'm looking at Tipi as well, but it's having some issues. I tested Umbrel, but it doesn't support multiple drives so it's useless to me.