Connect Your Own Blog Via RSS 🌱

Connect your own blog via RSS to SelfHostCorner's Feed for that link juice 👇

Should you wish to contribute to the feed you can either contribute via creating your own posts in the top right corner via 'Create Post' or upload your own content for that sweet link juice via your own profile. To do this, Make sure you select the tick box called 'canonical' to ensure Google knows the source of truth for your content!

Pictures below!

1️⃣ Navigate to your Profile, Settings then Extensions
Navigate to your Profile, Settings, Extensions

2️⃣ Add your RSS feed from your own website and select the canonical tick box to ensure Google understands that your Source Of Truth sits at your own site!
Adding a RSS feed to SelfHostCorner via the Extensions page ensuring the canonical tick box is selected

All your posts will be imported into your profile where you can select which ones you wish to publish!

At this point the posts from your own blog are in draft and can only be viewed by yourself within SelfHostCorner. In order to add them to the public feed follow the steps below!

To publish an RSS based post to the feed from a draft state, simply edit the post and ensure 'published:true' has been set

How to update an RSS post brought in from your own Blog via setting published:true to publish the article to SelfHostCorner

Got Stuck?

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