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September 22 - SelfHostCorner Updates & News

Hi All,

Hope everyone had a fantastic September. The weather here in the UK has definitely turned and has got much colder after a fantastic summer.

Just thought I would share a quick update with you all as we've officially added another 26 members to SelfHostCorner totally us out at 41 members! 🎉 Definitely feels like the plane is being built whilst we're in it but we're getting there, just need some more content creators to get the content rolling!

September SelfHostCorner Updates

1 | Enabled embedding of Tweets onto SelfHostCorner. For those who want to embed tweets into your blog posts, you now can! This one took a few weeks as we had to wait for elevated API privileges with Twitter.

What you used to see when trying to embed:
Embedding Twitter error message for SelfHostCorner

What you should now see:

Embedding a Twitter image into Blog post on SelfHostCorner

2 | I've spun up the Podcast system on SelfHostCorner, this should now appear in the left hand menu. It's pretty neat! It has a built in player on SelfHostCorner so you can continue to browse posts whilst listening!

SelfHostCorner Podcast Menu Item

If you're keen to add your own or have suggestions of other Podcasts you feel we should add, simply request them in the top right hand corner of the Podcast page!

Request a new Podcast on SelfHostCorner

3 | I've worked on the Weekly Newsletter platform. This is still a WIP as i've had to create some bespoke processes to facilitate it. To opt in and / out of the weekly newsletter simply browse to your notifications settings in your profile:

  • Browse to your profile.
    Browse to profile

  • Edit your profile.
    Edit Profile

  • Browse to profile notifications
    Browse to profile notifications

  • Tick or Untick 'send me weekly newsletter emails'
    Weekly newsletter notification options

Once the process is complete, new subscribers should receive some sort of newsletter confirmation which is still WIP but will look something like this:

Newsletter Formatting for SelfHostCorner Work In Progress

I'm working on a few HTML fixes on mobile pointed out by MediaCowBoy and Ivanol55 over on Discord.

If there are any further suggestions on improvements / how to attract more talented creators let me know!

As usual, if there are any problems, comment below and I'll pick it up!


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