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August 22 - SelfHostCorner Updates & News

👋 Hi All,

Hope you've had a fantastic August. Just thought I would share a quick update with you all as we've officially hit 15 Members! 🎉

August SelfHostCorner Updates

A few updates for the SelfHostCorner Community for August that we've been working on:

  1. Enabled Single Sign On (SSO) with Google and credential registration (email & password) for those not keen on third party providers!

  2. Fixed a number of bugs for contributors to RSS feed content from their own blogs to SelfHostCorner. By the way we need more Creators keen to build out their audience as I'm sure everyone has had enough of my posts!

📍 Should you wish to contribute to the feed you can either contribute via creating your own posts in the top right corner via 'Create Post' or upload your own content for that sweet link juice via your own profile. To do this, Make sure you select the tick box called 'canonical' to ensure Google knows the source of truth for your content!

Pictures below!

1️⃣ Navigate to your Profile, Settings then Extensions
Navigate to your Profile, Settings, Extensions

2️⃣ Add your RSS feed from your own website and select the canonical tick box to ensure Google understands that your Source Of Truth sits at your own site!
Adding a RSS feed to SelfHostCorner via the Extensions page ensuring the canonical tick box is selected

All your posts will be imported into your profile where you can select which ones you wish to publish!

Jeremy @noted and I had some fun trying to work out how to publish a post brought in via RSS. To Publish an RSS based post, simply edit the post and ensure 'published:true' has been set

How to update an RSS post brought in from your own Blog via setting published:true to publish the article to SelfHostCorner

🖐 Just as a side note i'm also looking for any Self Hosting / Home Lab podcasts to feature on SelfHostCorner. If this is you let me know by direct messaging my profile!

Any problems, comment below and I'll pick it up!


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I really was pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to publish my posts. I never thought to look in the markdown... that's a first for me!

Some homelab and self hosted related podcasts I like.